Elric pitching analysis

Here’s my 12yo son’s pitching motion. He stagnates around 45mph and I don’t have the skills to help him to find how to increase its velocity. He’s 4’87 and 75lbs.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


This motion is not good (in fact it is awful) for pitching a baseball. Typical of a kid who wants to throw as hard as he can without knowing how to use his body effectively. As so many points in this delivery need to be changed I suggest you read this article: Power-Pronation: An Alternative Way For Pitchers To Throw


Then get back to me if you want to teach this kid and others like him how to do the job right.

The video seems quite awful too :wink: But I think I understand what you mean when I look at this part of his motion, as his arm looks fully open :

I’m also not sure about his head position, as I think he should always have it oriented to the catcher.