There’s alot dedicated to shoulders and whatnot but what about elbows? Both my throwing and non-throwing have given me pain at times but mostly my throwing elbow. I know some of this is mechanical but I need some excercises to strengthen it.

Hmmm, I’m not sure I’m right about this one, but one thing I do know is that performing wrist/forearm exercises, as well as shoulder exercises can help improve elbow strength. Do some things different with your mechanics, and if you have a chance to, videotape yourself. By videotaping yourself, you may be able to fix any mechanical flaws you may have; thereby allowing you to fix your mechanics, and hopefully alleviate your elbow pain. Ice/heat your elbow for about 20 minutes, about 40 minutes combined. Your probably just putting too much stress on the elbow causing some sort of inflammation.

I think mechanics would probably be the main issue with elbow problems. One think to consider is that you keep your opposing muscle groups balanced. Make sure you are working both your biceps and triceps. If there is any specific exercise that hurts it you should probably avoid or be very careful with that exercise.

The main reason shoulders are talked about so much more is that it is a much more complex joint. An elbow is a hinge joint that can basically move two ways, extension and flexion. The shoulder is a very loose ball and socket joint and is very unstable.