I’ve had an elbow problem since February 2008. I went to see a doctor
and we believe that it was a UCL strain? it was either strain or sprain. My elbow is fine, there is no tear not even a tiny one, and i didnt throw for 3 months. when i went back to throwing it was fine but not im having like wwhat i think is nerve pain right in my bicep grove. it hurts when i throw and hit. i dont know if there is anything i can do. maybe this is tendenitis. i am not sure but i have 5 weeks till the season starts and im competing for the starting job.
i have been lifting heaving sets of 8,6,4. lots up upper body. ive decided tthat maybe the heavy lifting isnt helping. so i’ve changed my work outs
to 3 days of legs, and then a day of back and bi’s chest and tri’s…does anyone have any advise!
i’m also on a return to throw program. i’m up to 100 feet,
the program starts at 15 feet 25 throws, 20 feet 30 throws etc. etc.


btw, i am not a pitcher, i catch.

what does it feel like when u get the pain in the bicep grove?

It is a sharp excruciating pain. I just started experiencing the pain when I hit but I am still able to perform hitting wise. It’s throwing that really bothers it. I’m trying to ice the sucker down and it does feel a little better, I’ve decided to take a break until Saturday. Next Saturday (February 7th i think) I start my catching clinic, I need to be full strength by then.

do you have a problem moving your hand to your face is that when you feel pain?

Um…I’m not really sure, I’m throwing Saturday if the pain comes back i will try it. However, I think i see what you mean by hand to my face it puts the elbow in a like closed position. Do you have any idea what is wrong or how to fix it?