My elbow pops but not when I throw or pitch, just within a couple days after throwing/pitching. If my elbow stays straight for a while and I try to move it, it pops. This worries me but it doesn’t hurt.

How old are you…size, weight etc?

I’m 14
I’m 5’10
I weigh 200
I have a 6’0 wingspan

Even though I wouldn’t rule out a visit to a Dr. more than likely it’s your age when your body is still developing and strengthening over time. More than likely your knees pop when you go up the stairs too.

My plan would be to see a Dr. to make sure I am good physically, next I would get on a good weight lifting program for arms legs and core. With that I would work on dropping a bit of weight.

Thanks. My dad ordered a bowflex and it just arrived so its just a matter of putting it together. I also play basketball and football to help me lose weight and get stronger. Since last season I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds and gained 5 in muscle. I also dropped a second and a half in that time. I work out with weights and running with the Varsity football team during late spring/summer.