Elbow wierdness sometimes

Sometimes when I am playing catch my right elbow (I am a righty) starts to hurt. It happens like when I throw fast of throw the ball in a wierd way. It also makes like a “crack” noise. Any idea what it is?

Just saying, but if you have a “elbow wierdness” then i wouldnt try to learn how to throw a curve at the time.(my opinion) :?

I’m not entirely sure what the cracking noise it but I have the same problem sometimes although it doesn’t happen when I throw. Mostly whenever my elbow feels like it’s cramping a little I crack it. Before that, however, I experienced a little tendonitis according to our athletic trainer. I stopped throwing for a while and never felt the pain again though I learned mostly to throw using the rest of my body rather than my arm for power.

Exactly! The best way to avoid arm and shoulder problems is to get your whole body into the act, rather than using just the arm and the shoulder. Many years ago I would go to the original Yankee Stadium and watch the pitchers in action, and I noticed that the Big Three guys—Raschi, Reynolds and Lopat—were all doing the same thing; they were driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion to generate the power behind their pitches. As a result the arms and shoulders all seemed to just go along for the ride, which took a lot of stress and strain off said arms and shoulders. I made a note of what they were doing, started working on it, and as I practiced this basic element of good mechanics (which is exactly what it is) I found that not only was I getting more power behind my stuff but also I was throwing harder—and faster—with less effort, and nary a sore arm or shoulder. An interesting side note: I ended up with an 81-MPH four-seamer which, Ed Lopat told me, was, for a finesse pitcher such as I was, a fast ball! I can tell you this—if you work on getting your whole body into the act (and there are some exercises you can do, including one Tom House calls the “Hershiser drill” which aims at getting the hips into play), you’re going to find it a lot easier. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

I agree with what Zita has said above. If you have a hard time of finding a way of getting your hips into the motion and using the lower half of your body, you should include the Hersheiser drill and the exercises you can find. Attached to that I wanted to add that I had also worked with a pitcher who was working into the pros and he showed me a pretty easy way for me to use that explosive power that can be found in your legs. Granted it takes balance and control, but he showed me that if I sped my motion up a bit then my hips would be infront of my arm which would follow through and take less stress on my arm. With that I had added tailing movement to my 2S Fastball, my Change-up, Curveball, and Slider as well.

so after two broken elbows im still pitching and throwing hard. what the best way to prevent this again. i stretch, throw, and cool down every time. anything else i could do?