Elbow Tendonitis

I went to the doctor yesterday and she said i possibly have tendonitis in my elbow and they took x-rays and it came up fine and im probly going to see a sports medicine doctor soon and i will find out but i want to see other peoples intake first because i use to throw really hard and able to throw far and want to get abck that way because i use to dominate hitters now a lil worried any advice i would do or try to thanks guys

that sucks my fiend got that and hes been out for weeks

rest your arm til there’s no more pain.

you could do hot/cold treatments

if you have any video of yourself pitching, take this time to analyze why your elbow became sore to begin with. throwing too much? throwing without enough rest? throw without proper mechanics?throwing too many curve balls?

you’ll have to change what you were doing or the problem will reoccur.

after you’ve rested. you’ll have to start a rehab period. build up strength in your shoulder area. build up strength in your forearm area.

as for throwing, start close like 10 feet. Limit the amount you throw. then if no pain, move farther away. 15 feet, 20 feet, 25 feet, etc.

stop if you feel any pain.

ice arm after done throwing.


thanks will try :smiley: