Elbow tendonitis help

Hey everyone,

I think I have elbow tendonitis. My inner elbow (right handed) is very hard and stiff and it is all the inflammation building up. Ive taken a week off so far and ive been icing and massaging both 2-3 times per day. I’m very worried about how long it will take to heal. It also hurts when i just stand around doing my pitching motion just to see if it still hurts. It hurts in my elbow as soon as my arm externally rotates or whips. I get a pain sensation in the inner elbow. I need to know how long ill be out (I’m taking 5 more weeks off from throwing anyway so ive already rested one week) Will i be better in 5 weeks? and my last question is: is there anything else i can do to help it heal faster?

Thank you

What are your mechanics like? Are they closer to Prior or Maddux? Also, I think you should stop throwing the slider and move to like a cutter. I throw a cutter at age 12, and it doesn’t hurt my arm because you have no need to supinate while throwing the Mariano.

You could be pronating before you release the ball…

6 weeks is the norm prescribed by doctors. However it could take much longer.
Try to get your hands on a TENS machine. They work wonders for tendinitis.

kevin how do you throw your slider??? is there any way i can get a picture?

Well I don’t throw a slider, and I don’t think I will. How do you put pics on here?

sorry i meant cutter! but i’m not sure would you like my email and maybe you could email them to me?? I think it has something to do with the Img button on the post a reply screen

I don’t know how to post a pic onto here, I need help.

Upload it to Tinypic.com

Then take the url and
do this

how old are you and how long has it been hurting. you need to see an orthopedic. i fyou are young it could be growth plate issues

How’d you get my cutter grip on here, CSP?

Here’s the best advice I can offer you if you want it to heal faster. I’m like you and when I’m hurt I always have to test it to see if it feels any better, stop doing that. I know its hard but if its something more serious you’ll only damage it more. Remember if you go into a doctors office and you say doctor my arm hurts when I do this he’s probably going to tell you to stop doing that. Just give it time it may not take as long as you think to heal.

great cutter man!! im gonna try it out in 4 weeks!! haha but ZW i know exactly what you mean…everyday ill just do my throwing motion not hard or anything just to see if it hurts…but it is starting to feel better and im going to continue to ice and massage thanks everlyone

Alays glad to help, I don’t throw my cutter a whole lot. I use it like 3% of the time. A cutter is most effective against wood bats.