Elbow tendonitis help

Hey everyone,

I think I have elbow tendonitis. My inner elbow (right handed) is very hard and stiff and it is all the inflammation building up. Ive taken a week off so far and ive been icing and massaging both 2-3 times per day. I’m very worried about how long it will take to heal. It also hurts when i just stand around doing my pitching motion just to see if it still hurts. It hurts in my elbow as soon as my arm externally rotates or whips. I get a pain sensation in the inner elbow. I need to know how long ill be out (I’m taking 5 more weeks off from throwing anyway so ive already rested one week) Will i be better in 5 weeks? and my last question is: is there anything else i can do to help it heal faster?

Thank you

You should consult an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible. He will certainly be able to do something to get your elbow healing quickly so that you can get back into pitching.
Let me tell you a hair-raising story about one Yankee pitcher and his bout with tendonitis (of his pitching shoulder). Ed Lopat had pitched two games in the 1951 World Series and had won them both, but after that second one he suddenly found himself unable to lift his arm. The weather may have been a factor; it had been cold and damp, even rainy. all that week. Anyway, he wound up on the shelf—what we now call the disabled list—because the doctors had been unable to find out what was wrong with him—and he didn’t like this at all, just sitting around because what he wanted to do was get out there and pitch! Then one day he suddenly remembered an orthopedic surgeon whom he had known in Chicago during his White Sox days. He flew out to see him, and the doctor examined him and told him that he had tendonitis in his left shouder!
The treatment prescribed was something they don’t do any more, because it was extreme—a series of ten X-ray treatments. But it worked, as it had worked for Johnny Sain and a few other pitchers, and when Lopat returned to New York he was pitching better than ever—in fact, between that time and the end of the 1954 season he ran up a record of 33-8. Now the doctor would probably do something like ultra-sound or diathermy, which when used properly will certainly speed up the healing. So check it out. You have nothing to lose but that tendonitis. :slight_smile: