Elbow Tendinitis

Here is the problem i have been pitching since i was 7…im 20 now and just had my first arm injury…elbow tendinitis…i am still rehabin with bands and icing…is there anything i can do to make sure this doesnt happen again…the tendinitis was on the inside by the ulna nerve…any sugestions???

For now your doin the right thing with ice and bands. i hope your not trying to throw through which it doesnt sound like your doin tho. i usually get a little case of it during the beginning of the season but havent been too sever like the past.

I know alot of ppl say that bicep curls are not important for pitchers but i found it to benifit me. I focused more on hammer curls and reverse curls. Also Strengthing your forearms may help you out a bit too. Just make Sure to stretch them bad boys out alot. Hope your arm gets strong quick. Good Luck!

Thanks McCovey i appreciate it a lot…its hard from going to an arm injury after having a rubber arm all my life…it is playin with me mentally not being able to pitch and all…but i will for sure start doin curls and forearm workouts…thanks for the advice

Hi Dusty,

I’m not a conditioning expert, but I’ve seen pitchers have tendinitis happen in the beginning of the season many times. Fortunately, by rehabbing and not throwing through it, I’ve seen most of them recover.

Once we start throwing more regularly in preparation for the season, it’s understandable that our arms will act up a bit while adjusting to this. The best thing is to take it in stride, and keep in mind you have a long season ahead of this. It’s best to take it easy and recover properly.

Best of luck to you on your recovery.

No problem man. i used to be a guy who would just work out during the winter and didnt really know how much wear down your body takes from pitching. my dad never pitched and i never really had a pitching coach. it took some bad arm injuries to make me realize what i needed to do to keep my body strong through out the season and what things didnt really benifit me.

Yea i really understand how much pitching takes a toll on me now that i am getting older…even though im just a sophmore in college, my arm isnt able to bounce back from a game pitched like it did in high school…in high school i threw almost every game cuz i went to a 1a high school…i never felt fatigued or had an injury…i blame myself for the condition my arm is now cuz i always asked for the pill cuz i want to win no matter wat i have to do…i made myself throw way to much…i guess it was the lil kid in me that made me want to just keep competing and i just couldnt say no to the oppurtunities i had to pitch…long story short i think it is all catching up to me now…the arm is feeling better and i have no pain but still worried to let it go when i toss every other day…thanks for the input guys i really appreciate it!