Elbow Soreness

My son is 10 years old who throws well, though a bit skinny for his age. He throws 3/4’s. Lately he has been having some soreness on his inner elbow after throwing 40-50 pitches. He never had this last year. When I catch him, the rotation on the ball sometimes is sideways (though not nearly as much as if he was intending on throwing a curve ball). Any thoughts on this? And as his arm is coming through should it be completely extended or should elbow be flexed somewhat?

Does he throw a curveball regular or often because if he continues to throw a curveball he will have a greater chance in hurting his arm in the future and it might be one reason why his elbow is hurting.

I was never allowed to throw a curveball when I was 10. I tried to get my dad to teach me a curve when I was young and he always refused because it would hurt my arm at that age.

Does he ice his arm after he throws? After he throws or pitches ice his elbow for 15 minutes. That is what my coach tells me to do because earlier in the season my elbow killed me but now it is a whole lot better.

In my opinion, that’s a lot of pitches for a kid his age. I still try to keep the pitch counts of my 11Us in the 30s. It could be that he is going through a growth spurt, which will make the growth plates in his elbow more susceptible to stress.

If in fact a growth spurt is coinciding with baseball season, it might be that he’ll just have to take it easy this year.

It sounds like he could be cutting the ball (throwing it slightly off center) or throwing a type of slider (twisting the forearm or wrist through the release point).

What he needs to try to do is keep his forearm at a neutral angle, if not pronated (rotated counter-clockwise) through the release point.

You might want to check out this article that I wrote that talks about dealing with medial (inner) elbow pain…

There’s nothing he (or anyone) can do about this. If he’s throwing the ball hard enough, the centripetal force that is generated by the rapid acceleration and then rapid deceleration of his shoulders will cause his elbow to fully extend.