Elbow soreness


I’ve been throwing 2 times a week for the past 2-3 weeks now, up until
yesterday I haven’t felt any pain, but that’s because i’ve been taking it
easy throwing mid-high 60’s

Yesterday I decided to air it out a little more, started off with some 210 foot long toss, after a warmup to that distance of course

Everything still felt fine, then I took about 10-15 throws at 240 , towards the end I started to feel some tenderness in my elbow, and still feel a little bit today.

The tenderness/soreness is just above my elbow (towards the shoulder) and on the inside/back part of the arm.

Is this a normal spot to feel soreness, or does it indicate improper mechanics or just overuse?

First of all, I’m no doc…

What it sounds like to me is some soreness in the lower bicep and tricep. Which would be completely normal and actual a good spot to get a little sore. Again, I’m no doc, but it soundsl like its a little off the joint up the arm? I think that will be ok.

Actually the soreness is not in the bicep area, it’s on the inner/back part just above the elbow, feels like connected to the tricep.

Found a picture, I drew a black dot indicating the area of soreness


[quote=“golfmonke”]Actually the soreness is not in the bicep area, it’s on the inner/back part just above the elbow, feels like connected to the tricep.

Found a picture, I drew a black dot indicating the area of soreness

The white thing the dot is over is called the UCL

I see, is this a shut down completely and see the the doctor immediately spot or a rest it and take it easy throwing type of thing?

Rest a few days and throw again. If the feeling persists, see a doctor.

I think I understand what your saying. Back of the elbow where the tricep connects? When you squeeze in that area does it hurt considerably? If so, I think youll be ok… Inflamation in the very end of the tri… If it’s towards the inside of the elbow, you may be in some trouble.

The pain is on the bottom where the tricep joins the elbow and towards the inside of the arm, so ya I guess it’s not good.

I actually haven’t thrown a ball in 10 years , but gave it up back then due to similar pain.

So i’m guessing whatever this pain is , the damage was done 10 years ago.

I was hoping it wouldn’t surface again, but I guess my arm is shot.

Guess I better learn how to throw a knuckle ball, or i’ll be throwing no harder than 70 mph, I wonder if I can be effective at that speed.

Dude, if it’s in your mind and your pretty sure your arm is in bad shape, go see a doc.

Ya, I know going to the doctor would be the best thing to do.

Thing is, the only thing that they could do would be surgery. And since I only want to play some recreational MABL, i’m not gonna have surgery to do that.

So, I figure since I can throw up to around 70mph without any pain, i’ll see if I can be effective at that speed, and if not, I won’t pitch. Surgery is not in my plans.

I never feel any pain while throwing a football, which I did for 4 years during college as a quarterback. Although the speed at which you throw a football is so much slower, with less arm whip.

I wish I could go back and kick the f*ck out of my baseball coaches for making me pitch so much and ruining my arm.

Just because you go to a doctor doesn’t necessarily mean that you need surgery.

Well, the way I see it…

If you have something where you need to go to the doctor, it either needs extreme care, like surgery. Or , it’s not that bad YET, so then in that case you try resting.

I’ve rested for 10 years, I think that’s a long enough rest :slight_smile:

So if I keep throwing the way I do now, the problem will only get worse. Rest apparently will not help me.

So then we have to look at why the pain is occuring. Is it because of poor mechanics, could be, again a doctor won’t be able to help me here either.

I’m just so friggin frustrated right now.

About the only thing the doctor could tell me that would be useful is :

“You should NOT be throwing, your arm is majorly F*CKED UP”

So, yes the doctor can be helpful , but can’t get me throwing pain free, short of surgery.

Just try and relax man… You don’t know anything yet.

Here’s the thing, you said you took 10 years off! Then all the sudden you start airing it out to 240’? How do you think your arm will respond? When you take that long of a break from throwing, you should try and build up some arm strength. Start out the first several weeks at around a hundred feet… make it a very gradual process to work it back.

Well, you are right, that is my final hope, that I did too much , too soon.

So, i’ll try resting my arm and then start up at around 120’ and this time I won’t make any big jumps in distance. I’ll try adding 15’ a week, that would be 8 weeks till I get back up to 240, instead of 2. Hmm, maybe 10’ a week would be better.