Elbow Soreness

Hey Guys,

Just wondering if you could help me out with some questions I have. I just turned 13 and I've been having some elbow soreness issues. I believe the muscle on the inside of my elbow (almost like the armpit of the elbow),  is sore because of overusing it. I throw about 50 pitches a day with my pitchback, not throwing as hard as I can but just hard enough to keep the ball on a line. I throw from about 10 yd away. I have also started playing on a 90' diamond this august and will be playing on it through the fall. I usually play shortstop on the big diamond because I'm pretty quick. Here's my question, is my arm sore because of switching from a 60' diamond to a 90' so quick or is it because I throw too much.

Thanks so much for the help,

P.S. I also do arm exercises daily and I ice my arm whenever it is sore (mostly all the time)

You are at an age where you shouldn’t mess around. Go to a doctor, get checked. The more you throw with pain, the more damage you are causing the arm. You should shut it down until you have an answer.
Once you get back to normal, continue with the arm care work you’ve begun. Just understand that ignoring it won’t help you at all.

You know we really can’t tell just from what you say here there is just not enough info. The issues could be from tendonitis which needs 6 weeks off to UCL issue, the only way is see a DR and make sure!