Elbow/Shoulder Pain

I’ve been having aching Elbow pain for a while now, it got really bad while Frisbee Golfing (where I think the injury itself took place), and now it’s translated to shoulder pain this year. It’s mostly inner elbow related. I took the winter off to recuperate while using the RICE method, and it seemed to be fine until I started doing some long toss (only about 80 feet). Needless to say I went to the LAT to get it checked out because it hadn’t gone away and long story short he thinks it’s all bicep related. It’s almost all inner elbow (nothing on the sides, or top and bottom depending which angle you look at) and the tests he did indicated no ligament damage, but he said the elbow pain seems to be more directly affected by the bicep tendon. He thinks that and a couple other minor things attribute to the new shoulder pain as well. I still have to see an orthopedist to validate it all, but I’m jus curious if anyone has ever had anything like this? Is it serious or no?
I mean, the pain isn’t as severe as some of the people with UCL damage and such, but it’s pretty bad, and the shoulder is now the worst of it.

TL;DR version, having some elbow and shoulder problems and sports doctor thinks it’s mostly bicep related, anyone had this problem before and know what I’m dealing with here?