Elbow, shoulder discomfort

i’m pretty new at “pitching a lot” and I don’t know exactly what should be good or bad for my arm. I’m 17year old 6 feet 180lbs been pitching mostly only in 2006 but i know a lot about it. During the summer i felt like muscles were developing while pitching and now that the season’s over my arm is not as much in shape. I threw with my borther last week for maybe 10 to 20 minutes and since then i’m feeling discomfort in there. I feel like it’s the first time i throw. I would like to know maybe some exercises or tips so I don’t ruin my arm next season pitching with a veteran mind and a novice arm if you know what i mean.

I don’t know what you mean by discomfort so I can’t say much anything about what to do for your arm.

One of the most important things to do is to work back into throwing very gradually after a break. Typically, after time off your arm has formed some scar tissue and tightened up. It is quite vulnerable then as a result. Start out throwing only about 30’ for a few days and then work up to full distance at about 30’ a week increase until you get to 150’ of so then play it by feel to see how much your arm feels like improving. If you feel a twinge while throwing, as opposed to normal post throwing soreness then take a day or two off and go back down 1 step in distance.

If your arm continues to hurt and you can’t progress in distance without pain, go see a doctor.

You should also make sure you warm up properly before throwing which should include as a minimum some running and preferably some arm circles and band exercises.

discomfort is mostly tightness in the shoulder elbow like i would have thrown too much. I started to do some muscles excercises and i can throw pretty normal now. i think my arm is a little lazy right now. i should do some push-ups and some lifting just to get back good muscles. stretching too. what do you think?