Elbow "shock"

My son is a pitcher 13.9 years old. Over the past few weeks he has been complaining about a “twinge”, or “shock” in the elbow occasionally during delivery while pitching. He does not have any pain in the elbow either during or lingering, and as far as I can tell no symptoms associated with LL elbow as I have studied it. He does say the “shock” lasts for a couple of seconds after delivery. He describes it as feeling like he is popped on the funny bone - that same sensation.
Any thoughts on this? It is causing him to not throw at 100% and I have noticed his velocity has backed off a bit because he is trying to prevent it from occurring. A nerve maybe?
We are very strict on his pitch counts and rest.
Thans for your input.
D Churchill

Yes, sounds nerve-related. Could be some inflammation causing some impingement. Could be bone related (bone spur, bone chip). Should probably see the doc. Something is wrong and you don’t want to make it worse.

Sounds like Ulnar nerve impingment.