Elbow, separation, and stride leg

When I am going to release the ball, before I roate my hips, should my elbow be above my shoulder?
I have been told that I separate the ball from my glove alittle low, what is that all about?
Lastly, should my stride leg land directly in line with home plate?
Thank you for the help!

The height your elbow reaches would ultimately depend on your arm slot. I don’t think it needs to be at its maximum height before your hips rotate.

As for where you separate the ball from the glove, that is a comfort thing and is part of “personal style”, IMHO. It sounds like your coach wants you to get your arm into throwing pitcher sooner and breaking your hands a little higher seems to be his solution. Without seeing you, I can’t say for sure whether this is on target. I’d guess not.

The stride leg landing in line with home plate is ideal because that means everything is being directed at the target. There are pitchers who have become successful at doing otherwise but would I recommend this? No.

It should be at or slightly below the level of your shoulders.

Based on the studies I have done, I believe that taking your pitching arm side elbow above the level of your shoulders is a prescription for rotator cuff problems. Just ask Mark Prior.

Breaking the hands low isn’t necessarily bad, unless it keeps your arm from getting up in time for your shoulders to start turning.

Pretty much. Landing either too open or too closed can cause problems.