Elbow rehab and treatment

so i made a post a while ago about my elbow and it got better, or so i thought. i started throwing again after 2 1/2 weeks off cuz i thought it was feeling ok. it doesn’t hurt when i throw but throughout the day (regardless if i throw or not) it feels swollen, like if you dont exercise for a while then go lift. knotted up i guess you’d say, its right on the inner bone i have to push into the forearm and drive up with thumb to feel it.

im wondering if anyone has a program that they use to rehab elbows when people opt. for that instead of surgery. ive been doing 20 on 20 off alot lately but think i need to rehab so i can get full effect. does anyone know of a program and also what might be causing this. i heard when your close to needing surgery itll hurt while throwing and be a sharp pain so i dont think im that bad but could be wrong. someone said it might be a nerve, any suggestions?