Elbow problem

Over the past year, I have had serious elbow problems. I went to a doctor a couple of times and they found nothing. But I was telling the doctors that the elbow was bothering me on the inner elbow. When I throw, the pain is pretty much all over the elbow, but recently I discovered the root of the problem is on the back of the elbow slightly towards the shoulder, not the hand. The doctors told me that it was most likely tennis elbow and that rest would help. They took x-rays and a mri but found nothing. I went to physical therapy focusing on the inner elbow and didn’t throw for about two months but it did nothing for me. I was just wondering if anybody here knows what the problem could be and if there is a solution they know of.

How many times a week do you throw?

Does your ball tail or cut?

Do you have a video of your mechanics?

Just keep giong back if it’s not getting better. Last year one of my teammates’ elbows was hurting and he went and they said nothing. He went back again and he had leukemia. It went from nothing to one of the most serious things that could happen. Becuase of his bad arm he got to live for 1 more year. RIP Hector

Not trying to scare you. The chances of having something serious are very low but you never know if they keep looking something over. They could always find something.

I throw about 3 or 4 times a week, not pitching just throwing. I haven’t been able to pitch for a while now, my bail tails, and I do not have any video of my mechanics but I will work on getting that

So does it hurt when you throw and pitch?

if doctors are not finding anything it could be mechanical and also a little cause of tendonitis.

Yes, it hurts when I pitch and when I am throwing from the outfield the most because I am trying to throw it the hardest in those two situations, I’m sure that something was or still is wrong with my mechanics but I believe that something else is wrong too. When I went to the doctors earlier I think they were focusing more on the inner elbow than the back. I’m in a situation where I actually hope something minor is wrong so I can actually figure out what is going on.

Well get it checked again and get a video might help also but pain means something mechanically is wrong that the body rejects or physically the body is protecting it’s self from further damage.

Did they take any x-rays of your good elbow to compare to your throwing elbow? Growth plate separations are detected in this manner. You could have a slight separation of the growth plate at the olecranon (I believe) which is that bone that sticks out from the middle of the back side of the elbow. That would be referred to as a Salter-Harris Type I fracture.

I have the same problem. While A little rest and not doing to much work seems to do me some good I would also suggest talking really light weights like 1-5 pounds and just doing about 100 reps. Nothing stressfull. Usally afterwards my arm will feel alot better, even though it comes back after a while.