Elbow position

I am a Aussie Level 2 coach for under 16 players. All coaching courses I have attended (Australian Baseball League, Institute of Sport) recommend that pitchers have their throwing arm elbow, at release, at or above shoulder height to avoid elbow and shoulder injury. TuffCuff and TuffCuff Jr do not mention this at all, but focus instead on opposite/equal elbow alignment. Is the elbow position in relation to the shoulder no longer an issue?

I’m not certain I know of anyone here that teaches elbow above the shoulder. Equal and opposite is also a representation that the National Pitching Association recommends.
It’s always an issue and you will see a couple of different ideas on the issue, most folks teach at shoulder height. Equal and opposite doesn’t teach against that, so it isn’t mutually exclusive.
Glad to see you participate though mate, please continue and tell your friends…we often have European guys come on and post and we’ve had a couple of Aussies also…welcome!

Here’s an image off of Chris O Leary’s site. He says to keep the elbow below the level of the shoulders, as shown in the picture. An important clarification, IMO.


Thank you to those who replied to my question. I now have a clearer understanding.