Elbow position/height?

this early spring, i had a lot of elbow pain, and the doctor said i had a hyperextended elbow. he said it was because my elbow was below my shoulder when pitching.
In another thread i was reading it said that you should have your elbow at or below shoulder height.

im am confused on where i should have my elbow[/youtube]

The elbow should be at shoulder height, neither above nor below. :slight_smile:

Ye I probably have the same thing you do. One thing you should watch out for though, is even though I have at least some what fixed my elbow slot. Once I start pitching a lot my elbow starts dropping again. Just something to watch out for.

yes, it feels like we do have the same problem. as soon as i begin to feel tired, or just get into the zone.
i dont think about my arm when im pitching in a game, but in a bullpen session or just throwing anytime i am always thinking about it