Elbow popped

My 13 yr old son was pitching last night when he felt his elbow pop and then burn. We imediately iced it and was pulled from the game. The pain is on the inside / back on the elbow. We are having him looked at today. Has anyone experienced this before?

My son went to the doc today. They did x rays and determined that his elbow came out of joint then popped back in place. There does not appear to be any damage to the ligs or tendons just a little swollen in the joint. He was put on the shelf for a week (no throwing). arm in a sling with a steroid pack given to him. This happened on a fastball in the 5th inning after throwing around 65 pitches. Is there anything I should look for in his mechanics? He is normally pretty sound, but this concerned me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tough to say what caused the pop but one thing to look for is whether or not your son is supinating (i.e. twisting into a palm in, thumb up position) into release point. That is hard on the elbow and is the wrong way to throw breaking pitches.

He tends to release at the exact oposite of that. His release point is more thumb down with the pinky up. More of a running fastball motion. He has a lot of innings pitched between his club team and middle school team (around 45-50 with an average of 8-12 pitches per inning). I hope this week off will help his arm rest a little.

Keep in mind that the hand/forearm always pronate after the ball is released (and regardless of the pitch thrown). I’m talking about what’s going on right before ball release. It’s very hard to see without video.