Elbow pop

sometimes when i pitch my elbow just randomly pops. it’s barely painful, and it doesn’t hurt at all after. is something wrong, or do i just need rest?

Same thing happens with me. I got it checked many times and the doctor saw nothing wrong with xrays and stuff. He jsut told me it had to do with my growth plate in there.

Same, but I just don’t feel it period. Good to know it’s not anything.

just by flexing my elbow pops.
It’s really wierd

im not saying it could not be anything. If you havent gotten it checked i would just in case. I just had a similiar experience and it turned to be alrite.

Could that be nitrogen bubbles jetting out from under the bone as you flex you’re elbow?

Yeah sounds kinda right. i remember the doc sayin somethin bout a bubble popping lol

Actually it happened to me more when I was younger, and mostly on the third or fourth pitch I’d throw. Now I only get it once and a while (I’ve taken care of my arm much better now that I’m more serious about pitching).

im realy not to worried about it snce basketball season is starting soon, so i will probably take a rest from baseball for a while.