Elbow pain

ok im 15 and everytime i throw i feel a sharp pain arise in my elbow after throwing like 20-30 pitches or throwing hard to soon do u think this is lack of warming up or elbow issues any1 else have this happen to them when they throw and when they throw it is not as strong and is painful any help or advice or any1 who has this happen to them welcome to hav e there input thanx

It may be the fact that your throwing too hard, or the fact that you don’t have that good of stamina.

Just don’t try and throw your more-than-best fastball all the time

You shouldn’t be experiencing a sharp pain in the elbow after throwing 20-30 pitches. So you should get checked out by a doctor.

Def. check that out. Any time you feel sharp pains in your arm while throwing that isnt normal :lol:

thanks guys 4 the hel[p