elbow pain

About 5 months ago i felt this pain come from my elbow while playing basketball. i thougt it was nothing. I haven’t seen a doctor or anything. i’m four games into my season and my elbow still hurts when i lock my elbow or extend it a certain way. it does’nt bother me when i throw curves or and pitch only when i extend it. does any one know what might be the problem? and how i can prevent it again?

You should really go see a doctor.

What you are describing suggests a significant problem that won’t just go away or get better over time. For example, you may have loose fragments of bone in your elbow joint.

Today I woke up and felt i slight pain in my elbow. It didnt hurt much but still concerns me. It comes back every once in a while but it doesnt hurt when throwing. could this just be growing pains or something worse. I was also playing QB for about 3 hours of pickup football the day before and played a bit of Basketball but i dont know if this caused the pain.

does anyone know if i should get this checked out or if it’s just regular soreness after throwing a football?

I would go see a doctor.

Soreness after physical activity is normal (assuming it fades over time).

Pain at random times is not. It could be a sign of a significant problem.

I think i know the pain u r talking about, ill try to describe it my best,

If you had your arms straight palms facing up, the pain is on the back of the elbow, more towards the tricep than the forearm, and for me only hurts a certain angles, eg. straight arms, palms facing up, then bringing my pam to my shoulder as far as it goes (sorta like a curl).

is that the pain you get?

btw. i know the physio helps n all, but i hate goin there cos all i hear is bla bla bla…8 weeks out, n im always like NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

How old are you?

Where does it hurt?

Does it hurt (e.g. sharp pain) or is it just sore?

if 16 and it has seemed to have gone away. i dont play much football so im guessing it was just a bit sore. thats what a friend of mine, whos a QB says he feelings after a game but thanks for your concern