Elbow Pain!

I was a pitcher my entire baseball career. My sophmore year I started having pain in my elbow when I threw, I didn’t want to sound like a baby so I started taking pain pills before and during each game. The pain was immence so I was always taking pill, and putting a lot of heat on my arm. I am 20 years old know and my elbow still hurts, I saw a sports doctor and he told me that only proffesional athletes have surgery so he gave me a shot of steroid, and deadiner. That worked for a couple of months and know its back to hurting. It bothers me when I sleep, or any little bending motion. Is there any theropy or medisine or any suggestions.

…anyone can get surgery…

The recovery time for tommy john is the reason why the doctor told me that a normal person would not have the surgery. I am also leaving in a couple of months to basic training for the military, I have started working out a little bit, and sometimes I cant even do a push up because the pain is so bad. I am woried that I wont make it through basic training because of this.

Your elbow is probably seriously screwed up.

I’ll be surprised if you make it through BT.

You probably need TJ surgery. Go see another doctor.

Otherwise, maybe you can get the army to pay for your surgery if you can hold out that long.

Find a new doctor, yours lied to your face. Its not onyl professional athletes, its everyone (the smart ones anyway) who have the surgury to repair the problem. I had reconstructive surgery when i was 13, and its very common among non-professionals to have surgery to fix the problem. Seriously dude, find a new doctor, and warn your doctor that lying to your face about treatments is cause for a malpractice suit. And that steroid shot, was it cortisone?

I beleive I will go see another doctor, Luckily I am going into the airforce and the BT for that is not any harder than football camp according to my buddy. Yes I do beleive the shot was cortisone. The doctor also told me that if it starts hurting again to go see him and get another shot. I might take my chances and after BT tell them I’m having pain in my elbow and do the surgery.

This will not fix the problem. Instead, it will only make things worse by masking the pain and destroying the ligaments in your elbow.

This is how Koufax destroyed his elbow. Too much pitching through pain with the help of Cortisone injections.

Your MD is a moron.

switch doctors