Elbow pain*

wut up all, I’ve been dealing with some pain and not soreness in my elbow. I’ve never had elbow problems ever. It was always my rotator cuff hurting and not my elbow when I would pitch. I was trying something different one time in my pitching mechanics with my arm and throw more in a whip motion but i overdid it and pulled off on it too much. The pain would get worse with every pitch. I’ve tried resting it and or running and ice but it always seems to come back when I throw. Anyone else ever have something similar or might know what it could be?

I think the first thing you should do is chck in with the Doc. Generally speaking, mechanics and overuse are the 2 min culprits of elbow pain, but thats just in general terms, get it checked out by a doctor.

see the doc for sure, and when you finish a pitch, always finish with your arm rag loose. the hand should finish on the glove hand side of the body above the belt. this is called cushioning the elbow. let it come around and even hit your rib cage on the glove side as it slows down. this gives it a chance to slow down over a longer space (decelleration) instead of stopping in front of you and sending a recoil shock back into the elbow and shoulder.

pedro will slap himself in the back on the glove hand side of his back with his throwing hand after releasing a good fastball. it is incredible.

def. see the doc. I had this pain when I was 13. If this is what you’re experiencing (
), you may have fractured part of your elbow.

holla back if this is what you’re experiencing…

wheres the pain in ur elbow generally located?