Elbow Pain

Last year i had some really bad elbow pain and it didn’t go away for a pretty long time, i went to the doctor and he said it was just an irritated nerve from overuse (baseball and tennis) and that no damage is being done.
I iced and rested and the pain went away. No pain through out the season but it’s back now but i havent really played much tennis.

How can I determine if the pain is the same irritation or an actual injury?

why dont you just rest and ice again like you did last time

hmm, I guess I didn’t really ask the question right.

For future elbow pain, how can I tell if it’s the same irritation or an actual injury. I usually just play through the irritation but how can I know?

JMHO but wouldn’t it be easier to see a doctor?

Rather then ask people on the internet?

All anyone can do is offer what they’ve went through in their own experiences, and considering the fact that everyone’s different, wouldn’t it be safer to see a sports doc, rather then ask people on the internet?

Just my thoughts…