Elbow pain!

I am a shortstop and a pitcher, and my elbow has been aching horribly. I don’t want to take any time off from throwing, because this is a crucial time in my season. So I was looking for some advice on how to rid myself of this elbow pain.

Go to the doctor. Don´t leave something like elbow pain left unchecked.

Do u want this to be your last year of baseball? Do you want to throw at 80% speed?,…, shut it down, when it feels good, rest it another week, go back slow doctors are not god, they can’t work miracles. Ur injured

Don’t wait! Go see a doctor—preferably an orthopedic specialist—ASAP, and get some X-rays and even an MRI if indicated. The elbow pain could be anything—maybe just a sprain, or loose bone chips, or it could be something really serious—but it has to be taken care of. :baseballpitcher:

You say this is the crucial part of your season. Keep delaying seeing a doctor or at least a PT. You may not have a season at all in the spring when by most accounts The real “crucial” season gets going., Unless your in the ALCS or NLCS.

I was just about to post the same type of question…Ive got a quick question, my son is a 16 year old jr who pitched this summer but did take off last half of july and first 3 weeks of august to get a break and to focus on just lifting and putting on weight. He has gone from 6’2” 155 to 175 since May……his velocity is up a tad, touching 82-83 from last spring just touching 80 on occasion….but he has developed some pain on the outside of the point of the elbow……as a former college pitcher myself I can say I have never had any pain in that area….My initial though is to rest him a week, ice it 10 min a night and to take a couple of ibuprofen daily…if pain still there after a week then go see a doc…but any ideas on outside of the elbow pain close to the tip of the actual bone…seems like an odd place to have pain to me.

My son ended up with pain on the outside of his elbow joint (not the “Tommy John” side but the otherside) where the elbow joint contacts the forearm. He did this after hyperextending his arm skiing. It would hurt and get quit sore anytime he threw. My first thought would be did your son do something else to injure his elbow besides throwing…another sport, wrestling around, weight lifting? Does it only hurt after or during throwing?
Either way, I would go to the doctor just to be on the safe side and make sure the pain he is feeling is not related to some other cause.
The doctor had my son rest and ice everyday and recovery was very, very slow and it looked like he was going to miss his senior year as a pitcher.
After weeks and weeks of this approach I took him to a friend who treats people with PEMT (pulsed electro-magnetic therapy). He has used it for years in his practice to treat NFL players and people with chronic joint issues. The results were amazing. Two 15 minute treatments and he was back…throwing with no pain and was able to pitch his senior year and receive a scholorhip offer or two.
It certainly worked for us and I am a believer…that said, the first stop should be the doctor to make sure the joint as a whole is healthy.

You just reminded me of the story about what happened with Ed Lopat after he won those two 1951 World Series games against the NY Giants. Suddenly he couldn’t lift his left arm. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and so he began the 1952 season on the shelf (what we now call the DL), which he didn’t like one bit because he wanted to PITCH, was what he wanted to do! Then, about 1/3 of the way into the season he suddenly remembered an orthopedic surgeon whom he had known in his days with the Chicago White Sox.
He called, made an appointment, and flew out to Chicago to see him. The doctor examined him and said, “Eddie, you have tendonitis in your left shoulder!” (What might have precipitated this problem was the weather during the Series; it had been cold, damp and rainy.) After chewing out Mr. Lopat for not having taken care of it sooner, the doctor prescribed what was then a radical treatment—a series of ten X-rays to that left shoulder. Maybe it’s no longer used—but at that time, it worked. When Lopat returned to New York he was pitching better than ever, and between then and the end of the 1954 season he ran up a 33-8 record, including continuing to beat the Cleveland Indians to an unrecognizable pulp.
I’m glad the treatment worked for the elbow pain. It might have been simply something jammed or loose in there, and the electrical stimulation broke it up and now the kid is pitching full blast again. Sometimes that’s all it takes, something simple. :baseballpitcher:

Is PEMT the same thing as getting “stim” ? We have a small stim machine a chiropractor had given us a while back that we could use.

I also have a friends wife who is a Physical therapist that I may take my so to do some tests if the pain doesn’t go away.

I don’t know when it started hurting there but he says he can feel it just moving around…he says when brings his hand up to his shoulder bending his arm at the elbow…that if he were to push out from this position is when it hurts.

It is similar. The machine my son was on had a sleeve he put on and was a pretty high powered one ($30,000). I only bring up the price because there are different machines out there. One that is $400 and has cheesy stick on pads will probably not have the same effect. The sleeve is used to target joints for healing of sprains, fractures ect and for treatment of inflammation.
The treatment he got was more geared toward the joint as opposed to treating muscle (which it seems most stim is)…but, I dont practice it.
He has used the smaller cheaper machines (with the stick on pads) and has gotten nothing out of it really.
You say your son says he feels it “moving around”…that is strange. I would take him to the PT you know before anything and I wouldnt wait. It hasent gotten better with rest and ice (ice is worthless in my estimation), nothing to lose and make sure the kid is healthy.
Just my .02.

Sounds like the head of the radius is rotated… it’s an easy fix for docs who know how to treat extremities; a no-brainer for most chiros. Of course, it could be a bit more complicated, but often not.

Well what I meant by moving around is if were to do a pushup or something he says he can feel it slightly…its not just when he throws…but he says it is feeling better but we have not thrown since last week.

Structuredoc makes a good point, I can probably get him to a chiro today.

On the tip of the bone? There is a nerve right there and there may be some issues with the overall health of the elbow. Take time off, work up to throwing properly, and if the issue persists go see a doc immediately. Medial elbow pain is typical of UCL problems, lateral tends to be a lot more tricky with nerves and such.

Its actually the outside of the ulna bone where he felt the pain I think after looking at this diagram of the arm


Same place my son was having pain…although we knew the cause of his, hyperextending his arm while skiing.
I would still get him looked at asap.

[quote=“fearsomefour”]Same place my son was having pain…although we knew the cause of his, hyperextending his arm while skiing.
I would still get him looked at asap.[/quote]

What was the treatment, just rest or ?

Go see a Doc