Elbow Pain

Recently I have been receiving elbow pain while pitching and throwing. It has been going on for about two weeks. The pain is mainly on the inside part of the elbow. There is no bruising on the elbow and it is not swollen. I am 14 years old 5 foot 2 and 105 pounds. I have pitched in every game this year. We have had 6 games. About three games ago I started getting the elbow pain and it is pretty severe pain when I pitch at max effort. At yesterday’s game I told my coach about my pain and he said he wouldn’t pitch me for the next week in games. I have been icing my arm every second day but my arm still hurts when I throw or using it when I put strain on it. For example push ups, dips, etc. Another negative about this injury is that it has limited me for my training/workouts.I have not gone to see a doctor for it. Do any of you know what this pain I have may be? Are there any specific ways to heal it if you know what it is? Is it because I am going through a growth spurt?

Yes, it’s possible that you’re going through a growth spurt—but that should not cause any elbow problems. If you haven’t seen a doctor about this, shame, shame, SHAME on you! Make an appointrment with an orthopedic specialist and go see him now, get some X-rays and maybe an MRI if such is indicated, find out what’s going on and take care of it. ASAP!

I’m with Zita find a quality sports doc in your area and make an appointment sooner than later.

After my game today I spoke to one of the players fathers on my team, he is a doctor. After doing a few tests on my elbow he seems to think that I have little league elbow, also known as golfers elbow. It’s when your forearm muscles are too tight which limits flexibility in the elbow which leads to added stress. He gave me a list of physiotherapists to go to and told me a specific really good one. My parents are calling the physiotherapist tomorrow to schedule a few appointments. My friends father said that Stephen Strasbourg had the same problem as a 15 year old and never treated properly and he had tommy John surgery a few years ago.

Also I have been having knee problems recently. He told me that I have a condition called Osgood Shlatter Disease but it is not really considered a disease. Here is a link:(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osgood–Schlatter_disease). I will also be going to see a physiotherapist about this.

Glad to hear you got it checked out.

Follow the PT to the letter.

I curious about the part above in bold. How many pitches did you throw in each of those games? How many days rest did you get between games? How many bullpens and how much other throwing did you do between games?

I’m no doctor but what you’ve described sounds just like an overuse injury.

Responding to you Roger I think you may be right. Its not really the fact that I pitch every game its the fact that since I am on a lower caliber team this year compared to last year I don’t throw as much, period. I pitched the same amount of time both years but the difference last year I would have baseball 4-5 times a week and only once or twice I would have to pitch at max effort but this year I play 2-3 times(to my chagrin) and I pitch 2 times at max effort. I feel that maybe I am not throwing enough and may need to stretch my arm out better by throwing daily and making a better throwing program. I cant fully leaver it up to my coaches I have to take initiative. Your thoughts on this???

On a side note I will still be going to the physiotherapist.

I agree you should continue to go to the PT.

So maybe you were pitching too much (games and bullpens) or maybe you werer pitching too much for your level of conditioning/strength. The latter would indicate the need for more throwing/conditioning. The former, on the other hand, would indicate the need to rest and then lighten the workload for awhile.