Elbow pain

I’m 18 and I am just recovering from a shoulder injury, I’m on my 7th day of throwing after taking a month off. But I have a pain In my elbow (not tommy John ligament area) near my elbow bone. It only hurts when I throw, and I lift weights all the time and never hurts doing that. I need to get this better for college ball this summer, help!

Sometimes, when recovering from an injury to one joint, one over-taxes an adjacent joint trying to protect the injured joint. This is particularly easy to do when the injured joint is a mobile joint like the shoulder. What happens is the adjacent stable joints are used in a mobile manner which they aren’t designed for. The result is a cascade injury to the adjacent joint.

This is more likely when trying to return to action before the injured joint is fully healed and rehabed. So make sure your shoulder is fully healed and strengthened. Yes, this might take some time but that’s the way it goes.