Elbow pain

I have been having problems from my left elbow since this past summer where I threw a lot more than I had ever done in a while…and I went to a doctor to see if my elbow had a problem and he scheduled an MRI which showed a grade 1 strain of my UCL ligament… so I rested for about a month and a half and came back into a throwing program feeling fine… I threw my first bullpen and was fine after it ( 2 sets of 15 throws fastball/changeup) then all of a sudden in my second bullpen I was throwing and felt a painful sensation in the same spot up my elbow again and ever since it has hurt to raise my arm to wash my hair in the shower or even touch my elbow to a table when I sit… my coach is threatening to cut me from the team if I can’t throw but idk what else to do… anyone had physical problems like this before and what did you do to help get back… any emotional support could help too

I’d suggest a return visit to the doctor is in order. You may have re-injured it.

Go see a doctor right away. Do not do any throwing motion with the arm. I am 4 months into my therapy for Tommy John Surgery. I still have a little tenderness when I place my elbow on a table, but I am sure that’s normal, for you not so much. Any shooting pains from the forearm to wrist in the inside part of your arm is not good and soreness in the inner part of your elbow isn’t good either. Get it checked out, worst thing you can do is wait, believe me.

I’m with BR and Show, go see a Doc and get their qualified assessment.

6 weeks of rest may not have been enough.

See a doc - preferably a sports medicine doc who has experience with throwing injuries. After treatement/rest, consider a physical therapist for rehab to help identify and strengthen/eliminate imbalances in between bicep and tricep. Ask your doc about this.

Once cleared for throwing, ease your way back into it. And have your mechanics evaluated to make sure you don’t have a mechanical flaw


I had a UCL sprain in my right elbow in september, (I throw pretty hard uppers 80’s) I took 3 months to rest. I started to throw in the the beginning of January and my arm feels pretty solid. Once in a while Ill get a slight pain in my elbow when throwing live. Its very hard to get this type of an injury out of your head. Everytime i do shadow work without a ball in my hand i can usually feel pain every 5 throws because my attention is focused on that. I believe its all mental now for me. Sounds to me that you aggravated yours and done some more damage to it. I would suggest going to the doctor one more time, I would bet its still a grade 1 strain, but you will have to rest it. Theres no other way around it. When I had the same injury it would hurt to swim and if i bumped it wrong it would hurt. Take 3 months off, sorry to say but if you want your career to last as long as possible this is a must do

No offense intended, but should you really be telling someone that you “bet it’s still a grade 1 strain”?

Comments like that could cause someone to delay a visit to a doctor, when he should be seeing one ASAP.

Excuse me, Did you misread what I posted. I suggested going to the doctor another time. I made a guess on what I thought the problem was. The user came to this website to get opinions ,what possibly could be wrong with his elbow, and emotional support. I gave him my OPINION, I didn’t say I was doctor. Yes he should be getting medical help as I stated. No point of you making that post… Sorry, but it offended me because I went through the same process as he did.

I stand by my post. You stated that he should go to the doctor one more time, I would bet it’s still a grade 1 strain, but you will have to rest it.

You are clear on what you posted. I am clear on what I read. You may not be a doctor but you gave an opinion as to the grade of a strain without knowing much about his condition. That is the clear intent of my post.

I meant no offense, but take it any way you choose.

Not knowing much about his condition? He listed his symptoms. He gave me enough information to give an educated guess.

I gotta agree with Turn on this.

An educated guess!!! Because of what you went through yourself with your own injury…

C’Mon man I went through 2 major surgeries extensive rehab and I consider myself to be fairly educated in what happened to myself, but I’d never take what happened to me and apply it to another person especially on a nameless and faceless message board.

I understand you’re trying to help but the only help and advice anyone needs is to be told to go get it checked out by a qualified medical doctor, there’s too many outliers in injuries especially to young arms.

Eddie Lopat pitched two games in the 1951 World Series and won them both, but after the second game, which the Yankees won 13-1, he suddenly could not lift his left arm. The weather may have been a factor; it was cold, damp and rainy all through the Series. In any case, he started the 1952 season on the shelf; he had seen several doctors and nobody could figure out just what was wrong, so he went on the disabled list, and he didn’t like it one bit because he wanted to PITCH, was what he wanted to do! But then he suddenly remembered an orthopedic surgeon in Chicago, whom he had known in his White Sox days. He flew out to Chicago to see this doctor, who examined him and then told him, “Eddie, you have tendinitis in your left shoulder!” After chewing him out for not having taken care of it sooner, the doctor prescribed what was then a radical treatment (and which is no longer used)—a series of ten X-rays to that shoulder. It worked—it had worked for Johnny Sain and a few other pitchers who had tried it—and when Lopat returned to New York he was pitching better than ever. From then until the end of the 1954 season he racked up a 33-8 record (and continued to beat the Indians mercilessly).
Yes, before you do anything else, make an appointment with and go see a good orthopedic surgeon who has dealt with such problems, get X-rays and if needed an MRI, and find out what’s going on. The problem may well be physical or mechanical, and if that is taken care of it could resolve the issue. But if nothing is wrong there, then you can address the mental and psychological aspect of the syndrome. :baseballpitcher: