Elbow pain

I’ve been having some pain in my elbow for about a year now. I went to the doctor back in September and was diagnosed with a separated growth plate. I went through physical therapy and was fine. Then in January I started getting more pain. This time my doctor said it was just muscle soreness but my physical therapist said it was a stressed UCL. I went to physical therapy and was back in time for my high school season. My season went great with no pain. Now in July, I am getting more pain. The inside of my elbow is sore and there is pain when bending my arm. I have full range of motion but it is painful. Also, when I twist my forearm there is a clicking noise in my elbow. I have been icing and it seems to be getting a little better but i am not able to throw to my full potential. I am planning on going to see a different doctor than the times before so i can get a different opinion this time. I would like to get an MRI this time (by the way, I only had x-rays the other two times). I live in NJ and am open to any advise.

Go see a sports doc and get the MRI done and make sure you’re seeing a PT that has a history of dealing with Pitchers with elbow problems.

Follow the doc and PTs advice to the letter.

Get it done and taken care of as soon as possible.

Thanks for responding. I will defenitly go back to the doctor and ask for an MRI. My physical therapist has dealt with a lot of baseball players and pitchers. He did a video analysis on my pitching mechanics a while back.