Elbow pain

Son’s team started in door training for the season 2 weeks ago. They only did light throw, batting and fielding until last thurday he pitched about 25 balls. He did not pitch good because it is his first time 60’6" pitching. So we did another pitching practice on the Sunday. He pitched much better on the first 15 balls. After a short break, he started another session and feeled a sharp elbow pain on the first pitch. We stoped right away.

This is first time he got into “elbow pain” in 5 years pitching. He did not complain any unconfortable today. Does any similiar experence here? Thanks for any advice.

He will be 14 in 2 months, 6’ tall, 200lb.

When in doubt get it looked at by a sports doc. Much safer then asking for help on a board.

Remember everybody is different and everyone reacts differently to different stresses.