Elbow Pain

The inside of my elbow is killing me when I pitch, and for days after. I haven’t even been throwing very much though. When I extend my arm, it won’t get completely straight. The pain isn’t that severe, but I’m worried I’m making it worse. Any advice?

You need to see a doctor. Soon

Get to a sports doc and get it checked it and it would prolly be a good idea to stop throwing till you see the doc

Stop throwing now, set an appointment tomorrow with a Dr., since you are saying that it’s killing you I think you knew what the answers would be.

I went to the doctor and got the common rest and ice response. This is the same response when I went to the doctor in early November and stopped throwing until late December. It’s no better. I’m not sure where to go from here.

Go to an orthopedic surgeon. You may need a MRI.

Follow Slewbacca’s advice and go the longer you wait the longer your putting off your development.

The common medical advice following an exam that doesn’t reveal an injury requiring surgery is: ICE - REST.


The long advice is REST until the injury heals, which means do not perform any movement which causes pain. Pain signals re-injury and your healing starts again from scratch. Soreness that doesn’t go away is usually because you returned to exercise too soon, re-injured, rested, returned too soon, etc.

While you are resting, ice and compression significantly help heal quicker.

When you have range of motion with out pain, then you need to build back the strength lost by the rest. Be very, very careful not to go to fast or you’ll injure the weak area and you are right back where you started. Patience is a virtue when it comes to recovering from an injury.

It is best to do your best to avoid injury by warming up, stretching, consulting coaches regarding mechanicals, and to avoid throwing too hard with a sore arm.

How old are you? I had a fairly severe injury with the inside of my elbow and I might be able to give some info. Either way stop throwing and see a doctor.