Elbow pain

Hello folks,

About 1 1/2 months ago I started throwing again for the first time in years. I made a mistake to try and throw some curveballs when I thought I was warmed up enough. I hurt something in my elbow. If my palm is facing up, looking at my elbow joint its on the left side. It feels like a muscle or tendon is in pain there. Doing bicep curls seems to aggitate it.

I thought it would go away in due time, but it’s still there bothering me. Anyone know what this is and the best way to fix it? I’d really like to start throwing again! Thanks


You didn’t say if you are a LLHP or RHP - left side for LHP would be outside of the elbow while left side for RHP would be inside of the elbow. But, either way, it would be best to get it checked out by a doctor.

Good point Roger. I am right handed and the pain is to the left of the elbow (palm up) and moves up towards the forearm a couple of inches. However, I’m stationed in a remote location with very limited (and busy) medical facilities. I can give them a hollar. I already went to them for an ear infection from swimming and a cut from coral. I hate to be that guy always seeing medical haha.

Being the guy whos always seeing the doctor is not necessarily a bad thing. That was me in High School and it probably saved me from ruining my arm forever. Like Roger says, checkin out the doc is probably the best and first thing you should do and depending what they think, you would have to go from there