Elbow pain

Hi. I just turned 18 and I’m graduating high school this next month. I’m a talented pitcher with lots of potential, but I’m very worried now. I know I have a bad tendency of “leading with my elbow”, usually having minor pain in my anterior band(not sure) that goes away like in 2 days with rest, but I’ve been working on mechanic and I kind of got rid of the bad habit.

One day though, I felt good and decided to throw as hard as I could. Without knowing I was leading with my elbow again! but I didn’t have any pain while throwing, until I finished, it began hurting a little. I put some ice on my elbow. Before going to sleep, it was hurting very badly, to the point I couldn’t stretch my arm :frowning: I was panicking, I thought I had tendinitis. The pain was still there throughout the morning in school the next day (I had to keep my throwing arm bent), then after school, it didn’t hurt anymore? I was confused, but happy because I knew it wasn’t tendinitis. But ever since that day, my elbow never felt 100%, I feel like a little tweak. Let’s say for example, I’ve kept my elbow bent for a while(like one minute), I stretch it out, and it bothers around the joint of the elbow. But I can stretch it again, the next exact second, and no discomfort.

Does anyone have any idea what I have hurt? or what not? Please I need your help!

Sounds like you need to get checked out by a good sports medicine doctor.

jc2010 - I think you need to get this checked out too. Anytime you have sharp pain that didn’t exist before, that is a good sign to have a professional take a look.


elbows will get easily heart

One thing I have always heard is that pain in the back of the shoulder is from the arm being fatigued. And typically occurs in the beginning of a season. And pain in the inner elbow like you said the anterior band is from being overworked. But you should go get this checked out. That happened to me when i was in the 8th grade. I kept pitching for 3 months after the pain started and i ended up fracturing my elbow. Give it rest and go get it checked out.

When you said this, it made me think of this recent problem I’ve had! Some people call this a “weak funny-bone.” The term is Ulnar Neuritis. I had this same exact problem. Have you ever slept with your arm bent, or below you, and you wake up and it is just THROBBING? Yeah, that’s why. Some people have problems when they bend their elbows too much for long periods at a time. In some cases, if you extend your arm too much for lnog periods at a time, it will hurt. This problem isn’t the worst thing that can happen, but it can be potentially horrific for a pitcher. If your problem worsens, you may have an “imprisoned” nerve. If that is the case, you will need surgery to re-route that nerve. I suggest going to see a specialist as soon as possible… Have him/her detect where the pain is exactly. If you are having shooting or sharp pains or tingling sensations from the inside of your elbow to your 4th and 5th fingers., there’s a good chance it’s ulnar neuritis. Get looked at by a specialist!