Elbow pain when I throw but not when I pitch

why does my elbow hurt when I throw but off the mound I dont feel a thing. It’s not adrenaline because I can go 7 ip and not feel a thing. Please help my velocity has dropped because I cant long toss due to this

Something’s amiss with your mechanics. Get together with a really good pitching coach and a good catcher, and throw from the mound, using all your stuff, with that pitching coach watching you. I’m sure he’ll be able to pin down what the problem is, and then you can get to work on solving that problem. 8)

could have something to do with the angle of the mound vs when you are on flat ground, maybe you don’t use your back as much who knows…get some video and I’ll have a look

flat or ground

When you are on flat ground, I would assume there is an issue if you have pain.

thats not good, i dont want another surgery

you can’t duck it…gotta get a Dr, opinion.

I got to duck though, I have on two years left with no red shirt