Elbow pain looking for a diagnosis

I am a Senior in high school at 17, in maybe May I ended up playing slow pitch softball while I was playing baseball and that kind of hurt my elbow a bit, I never had elbow pain at all and I’ve played slow pitch while I was playing baseball numerous times. But ever since I had elbow pain, it got worse. Every time I extend my arm, my elbow cracks A LOT but it barely hurts if at all. No matter how much time I give my elbow to heal, the pain comes back to the point where even when I’m not throwing my elbow is in pain. This has been going on for quite some time now and I’ve never went to the doctor for it because of money issues with my parents, and also, when I curl my arm, my elbow also hurts every time I do it

Here’s my suggestion:
slowly, reach out to a doorknob. Then very slowly turn that doorknob - from right to left if you’re a righthanded, or from left to right if you’re lefthanded. It’s important that you move very slowly.
This pain that you’re experiencing will focus itself more in location - DON’T FORCE IT.
Unfortunately, money is an issue that’s common - AFTER the fact, for the mast majority of amateurs like yourself. However, I know my remarks are not specific, addressing your situation.
You must notify your parents immediately… like now. Your participation in any sport is done - now.
I can only imagine how painful it is with everyday chores, even picking up a pencil.
In conclusion, this or any other web site is not meant to diagnose medical impairments. We’re just not equipped to analyze and advise on such issues. A qualified doctor who specializes in these area of medicine is your only choice.
Work something out with your folks.

I want to add this - every player that walked onto my field and headed to the bullpen, met me with a handshake. Kind-a disarming in a way. But, I would shake their hand, and slightly turn it to the inside, while watching the expression on their face. A slight wince, a squinting of the eyes, even a holding of their breath, told me that I was looking at damaged goods.
Now some guys were really good at hiding a sprain, stiffness in the arm, and so on. But, I wasn’t born yesterday. Deliberately leaving the locker room door closed, even a buck on the rise in the tunnel, would show me guys who would use their opposite harm to do things. Not good.
My point being - every single pitcher, without exception, had health issues with their body because they neglected themselves, let things go from bad to worse. Now in their matured life, they’re paying for it.
Be smart - talk things out with your folks and avoid a coach like myself, or even worse, an employer later on.

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Pain is a sign that something is not right.

First, stop all throwing.

Second, find an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine in your area and call and ask for the cost of an initial consultation. It should not be more than a few hundred dollars. If you don’t have the money, see if you can borrow it from a family member. An orthopedic surgeon should be able to tell you what the problem is, or likely is, within a 15-30 minute consultation. Some orthopedic practices have physician assistants who may be able to look at you too, for less.

Third, if you cannot go to an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine, your high school team should have a trainer qualified to assess your arm. Also, some high schools have a “team physician” who volunteer to help. See if these are options for you.

The important point is that you need to have your arm examined, and not throw until after a doctor or trainer clears you.

Even a couple hundred is too much for my family, especially since we do not have health insurance anymore. My school is very small so we don’t have one. Kind of stuck here, I’ve stopped all throwing whatsoever but the clicking in my elbow just doesn’t go away. I’m trying everything I can

Contact Dr. Glenn Fleisig at ASMI. His info is here. He may know a qualified orthopedic surgeon close to where you live. Maybe he can ask the doctor to help you.

It is most likely a ulnar nerve issue due to the snapping or clicking in your elbow.