Elbow pain is getting scary

Yesterday when i came in to the dugout my arm hurt a ton and then my arm and hand just started uncontrollably shaking for a few minutes. Has this or something like it ever happened to you?

before even throwing?? no.
but i had tendonitis and still pitched (stupid*). and that hurt like a b****…it caused my arm to shake some as well

no i meant like coming off of the field

yeah. thats happened to me before.

Where is the pain, can you describe exactly what happened . hurt while throwing ? full range of motion after ? any weakness ? pinky ring finger go numb or tingle ?

Sounds like you might have tweaked the Ulnar nerve…this is nothing to mess with, was there pain associated with it, and if yes how long did you have pain?

There was some pain in my elbow and my arm was extremely weak. I tried to lift my bat and i really couldn’t.

This is definitely not something to mess with. Get thee to a doctor and get X-rays, or better yet an MRI which will pick up what X-rays don’t. It could be something serious, and you need to get it taken care of ASAP.
Back in the day…In 1951 Ed Lopat pitched and won two games in the World Series, but after the second game he suddenly could not lift his arm, let alone throw a ball. He started the 1952 season on the shelf, which he didn’t like one bit because he wanted to pitch, was what he wanted to do. Then he suddenly remembered an orthopedic surgeon whom he had know in Chicago during his tenure with the White Sox, and he flew out there to see him. The doctor examined him and told him “Eddie, you have tendinitis in your left shoulder!” After chewing him out for not taking care of it sooner, the doctor prescribed a then-radical treatment—a series of ten X-rays to that shoulder. It worked, and when Lopat returned to New York he was pitching better than ever.
Maybe they don’[t use that treatment any more, but they do have some excellent means of taking care of problems like that, and you need to investigate this forthwith. Don’t wait. 8)

When i first hurt my elbow and “sprained” my ucl ligament which ultimately lead to tommy john, not saying yours is, but after i was taken out the game and iced my arm i couldnt even pick up my baseball bag :frowning: , as the guy above me states this is nothing to mess around with MRI definately.