Elbow pain help

So awhile ago I threw 7 innings and threw around 100 pitches. Then two days later I was throwing BP to some batters and by the fourth my arm was in the most pain it has ever been in. It was a sharp pain in the back and inside of my elbow and all the muscles around the elbow were really sore. So I ran a few miles, did some sprints, and it felt alot better. So I’ve been running long distances, sprinting, and icing my arm for a total of 30 min daily. About 4 days after the pain I threw two innings of relief. It was a total of 15 and I had some pain(sharp and sore) in my elbow. I’ve kept up with running and icing daily and it’s been about a week since I threw those two innings and I still have a nagging pain in the back of my elbow, near the tricep. So I know that throwing two days after throwing 100+ pitches was stupid but what’s done is done, anyone have any ideas on how to help.

How old are you?

I’m 17