Elbow Pain, Help

Whats up guys i haven’t played baseball in 3 years and i just started throwing again, ive been doing a throwing program and when i throw my elbow starts to hurt. It’s not pain where i cant throw anymore its more like discomfort, its not my ucl or in the area of any tendons. its more like behind my elbow in between my ulnar bone. I just wanted your guys advice, do you guys think its just from not throwing in 3 years.? thanks a lot.

It couldn’t hurt to get it checked out

Probably just have to get back into the swing of things. Ice ice ice! Freeze water in Dixie cups and peel away the paper. Rub the ice all over the sore elbow. It will reduce inflammation. Just give it some rest and you just gotta ease back into a throwing routine.

thanks man i appreciate that you responded , and yeah i thought that it could just be that its been 3 years since i threw and everytime i throw the pain is going away :smiley:

No problem! It should all work out

I have that right now. Apparantly my doctor recognised it as tendonitis. I believe thats your problem aswell because you havent thrown so long your tendons arent used to this kind of action yet.