Elbow pain help me please

I have a slight twinge in my elbow when i throw. I only feel it sometimes and their is no soreness or pain when i touch it. I threw about 45 pitches yesterday and I came home and it was a little tight and sore. The pain is on the inside of my elbow near the bottom. If I straighten my arm I can barely feel the smallest twinge. Like on a scale of 1-10 i would say a 1.5 Sometimes when i raise it above my head i can feel a slight twinge as well. Its not enough pain for me to try to take some velocity offf Im just worried I will have to get TJ. I have been looking around and I have seen some people say that if you have any pain you need the surgery and some say that you can throw with basically a fraying UCL as long as you take care of it. Im going to the doctor sometime this weekend. My question is how do you know when you need TJ. And if i dont throw for 5 weeks will it heal any.

Had something similar recently, little pain in my elbow running. Went to tHE Dr and he said that I had tendoitis. Needed to take 6 weeks off, don’t do the activity that caused the issue and then return slow. I can lift at 60-70% during this time but dont throw or swing. I am doing some rehab of streching etc.

I will tell you what’s up in a couple of weeks, I am 3 weeks in, 3 more weeks left.

If you are throwing at game pace, I recomment running afterwards, and getting a bag of ice on it right away. 15 mins on your elbow, 15 mins off. Same with your shoulder and inner elbow. Even though they are not giving you trouble it could actually help quite a bit.

therbert11, great advice, I run one foul pole for every 10 pitches, gets the heart rate up and the healing started quick. I ice then if I have swelling or discomfort (which I have had this season quite a bit), to keep swelling down and the healing process going. 20 on 20 off for 2-3 times.

I have been running about 5-7 miles every day after my elbow started hurting, I have been icing 3 times a day for 20 min. Also taking ibueprofen when it is bothering me (to keep inflamation down I think) Its a little better now, going to rest if for another week.