Elbow pain for 9 year old son

Hi everyone. My son is 9 but about to turn 10. First year of kid pitch but he did play in fall and pitched. Did no throwing over winter and threw about twice a week since Late Feb trying to get back in groove.

For about past month or so, he’s has complained of elbow pain. On a scale of one to ten he says it’s usually a 3 or 4. He never has pain outside of pitching. I see no swelling and he never complains about anything else with it. His elbow is never sore after a game. He says its doesn’t hurt on every pitch, just some. We were catching football tonight and he didn’t say anything about his elbow.

I did have him get an x-Ray thinking it might be something with his growth plate in the medial epicondyle. The x-ray was clear however.

He’s only pitched a max of one inning in any game this year and if he complains, I take him out. It is certainly not an overuse issue.

I think it has to do almost all with mechanics but also am treading lightly. Having him rest completely isn’t going to help his mechanics, but I also don’t want the issue to get worse.

Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? Is it Ok to have him continue to pitch and kind of work through this, since it is not all the time and not every pitch. Just figured someone may have some experience with this and can guide me here a bit. Thanks in advance.

do you make sure he warms up well after the game (running, stretching) ? does he runs and get ice in elbow after he pitches? also if he play alot of game consoles (xbox,ps3,cell phone games) make sure to cut the time of it because for me this is my problem, ive played to much ps3 and it gived me tendonitis in both my arms and im right handed. if he does the above than you want him to take an MRI on that arm because sometimes the pain is in the elbow but the problem can be with your shoulder

Did an orthopedist order the xray? If not, my next step would be to see one. He will most likely shut him down for a few weeks, tell you to take ibuprofen, and order some PT.

I took him to our general pediatrician and basically asked for the x-ray. I figured getting into an ortho would take at least a month. If there was something wrong on the x-ray, they would have been able to get him in a lot quicker. The pediatrician said that physical therapy was something they could schedule if we wanted. I can look at that again. The pediatrician also did say try some anti-inflammatories.

I do make sure he warms up. Trying to get him to do some tube exercises, things like that but it’s hard to get a nine year old to consistently do that. He just wants to go out and “play” when he gets home like a normal kid.

I just find it weird that he only feels the pain sometimes. He says it lasts for a few seconds then goes away. Sometimes he feels nothing. That’s why I think it is mainly mechanics.

I would avoid pitching until he is checked out by an orthopedist. Pain in a joint is not normal and is not something you work through. They should probably x-ray both elbows to compare growth plates. Having mechanics assessed is also appropriate.

So this is interesting. My son (like many third and fourth graders right now) has been obsessed with the Rubiks cub for past few months. He has taught himself to solve it pretty quickly. He was working on a new one this morning and says to me, “boy this is making my elbow hurt”. Then I start thinking…

He has done this cube WAY more than he has thrown this year. I’ve often thought he hadn’t thrown enough actually but any time he has complained of pain, I’ve had him stop throwing.

Someone earlier mentioned video games and although doing the cube isn’t exactly the same I would say it uses more elbow actions than gaming does. So I am seriously wondering if this is causing the periodic pain issues when pitching rather than the pitching itself?

Now to try to get him to give up these stupid cubes and rest. Making him rest from throwing is relatively easy. These stupid cubes are everywhere right now.

You never know with kids. I shut down I pitcher once but his arm continued to bother him. Come to find out he was also playing volleyball (overhand serving and spiking). You just never know.

Agree with Roger, you never know. I had 3 kids complain of pain this winter. Turns out they were all bowlers. Bowling has become a fairly popular winter sport up here in the north now that most high schools have a team. Once bowling season ended they took some time off and resumed throwing without any further issue.

Could you explain how playing with a handheld controller gave you tendinitis? That’s every interesting, never heard of that. Best of luck on recovery.

i play call of duty alot and those games requiers quick fingers and reactions, so we use type of finger plasements, like claw or octopus, weird finger positions to give you better chance of doing multiple times at a time