Elbow pain after shoulder injury

During school baseball practice I got into a collision and broke part of my right clavicle bone. After about 15 weeks of rest my doctor said I was cleared to play sports again. During warmups my arm is perfectly fine, when I start to throw 80% or more it starts to hurt the inside part of my elbow. I’ve gotten an X-Ray on my elbow and there seems to be nothing wrong. Do you think the pain is caused from my arm being in a sling for so long that it’s become weaker now or something is wrong with my elbow

I am in no way a doctor or anything close… but I’m just wondering if you are hesistant to throw with your shoulder subconsciously and are compensating with your elbow. I’d look at some video from pre injury to post injury to see if there is any compensating in your form.

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This and some stuff might have been going bad with your arm action with so long off. This pain usually comes from having the forearm/bicep angle smaller then 90* check it out!