Elbow pain 14 years old


Hi, I was hoping someone might have an idea about what is causing my elbow pain. It started last year after throwing about 70 pitches, most pf them 60mph 4 seamers. After I complained about the pain I was mostly shut down for the rest of the season. Now the pain is back after starting hs practice, but ive been getting work in all winter with a pro coach. Here’s a pic showing two spots where i feel the pain. Thanks, I appreciate any insights.
PS im 14 and now throwing 65-68 mph


The good news is that those two pain locations - assuming both are being accurately depicted in the photo - do not appear to be the UCL. The bad news is that you are trying to seek a diagnosis on the Internet, which is impossible. Stop all throwing, see an orthopedic surgeon who is trained in sports medicine, and do what he says.


I’m not a doctor and I wouldn’t suggest a diagnosis.
But you might try here: medial epicondylitis
Research this on the internet and see if it accurately describes your condition.
Rest, might be a recommendation. Maybe ice.
This info might be helpful,

Good luck!


Thanks south pay and jaykay.
That pdf is great.
Ill read it in more detail when i get home.
Myy mechanicd are good, but I do have a naturak 3/4 arm slot.
Yhr pronator teres sppears to be thr culprit based on thr diagrams