Elbow pain 14 years old


Hi, I was hoping someone might have an idea about what is causing my elbow pain. It started last year after throwing about 70 pitches, most pf them 60mph 4 seamers. After I complained about the pain I was mostly shut down for the rest of the season. Now the pain is back after starting hs practice, but ive been getting work in all winter with a pro coach. Here’s a pic showing two spots where i feel the pain. Thanks, I appreciate any insights.
PS im 14 and now throwing 65-68 mph


The good news is that those two pain locations - assuming both are being accurately depicted in the photo - do not appear to be the UCL. The bad news is that you are trying to seek a diagnosis on the Internet, which is impossible. Stop all throwing, see an orthopedic surgeon who is trained in sports medicine, and do what he says.


I’m not a doctor and I wouldn’t suggest a diagnosis.
But you might try here: medial epicondylitis
Research this on the internet and see if it accurately describes your condition.
Rest, might be a recommendation. Maybe ice.
This info might be helpful,

Good luck!


Thanks south pay and jaykay.
That pdf is great.
Ill read it in more detail when i get home.
Myy mechanicd are good, but I do have a naturak 3/4 arm slot.
Yhr pronator teres sppears to be thr culprit based on thr diagrams


Best advice…getting a doctor who listens and responds to YOU is essential.

That being said, my experience (the same as yours!) was getting a proper Physical Therapist/Doctor combination and working on your shoulder muscles, specifically your supportive/rotator cuff muscles.

The ulna nerve runs from your upper body, past your shoulders and down your entire arm. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHBH_enUS782US782&ei=YQjzXLq2NO2f_QaFw6TYAg&q=ulnar+nerve+entrapment&oq=ulna+nerve&gs_l=psy-ab.1.1.0i10l10.1304739.1306500..1309113...0.0..0.119.883.7j3…0…1…gws-wiz…0i71j0j0i131j0i67.F_OehXFSY-A

Impingement in the shoulder area (perhaps due to weak muscles) can VERY EASILY show up just like you experience. Same happened to my son.

Lastly, do your parents know you are having this problem?

Good luck!