Elbow OCD

I’m a 20 y/o D1 pitcher. When I was 16 I had an elbow OCD injury, rested it for about a year and came back well. I threw well enough to get recruited and recieve scholarship money. Fastforward to my senior year of high school my arm began to hurt again. I thought it was just a pinched ULC nerve and just some tightness. My velo dropped from 89-91 to 85-87 and my control sucked. I let it linger my senior hs season, that summer, college fall ball, college season, and finally I saw the doctor going form my freshman to sophomore year. Find out my OCD never healed properly and my UCL calcified. Got Tommy John and OCD surgery in one go in July of 2017. I started my throwing program last december and every time I throw the back of my elbow where I had the OCD surgery gets very tight and sore. Tommy John spot never bothers me. Just yesterday I was throwing from 90 ft and the back of my elbow was killing me. Worst pain I’ve felt in it before and after surgery. Does anybody know a college pitcher who has had the OCD surgery? I know of younger kids who have had it but I can’t find anything on collegiate or professional pitchers. I just want to find out if anybody else who’s had this surgery has gone through setbacks while throwing, pain levels, if they were able to return to the high level of competition they were at, how their velocity was. I have so many questions about it but don’t know anybody to talk to cuz almost no older pitchers have had it.

I suggest that you post your questions on ASMI’s discussion board.

But please come back here and post what you find out as it may help someone else down the road. Good luck!

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