Elbow OCD Experiences

Hi all, my 10 year old was recently diagnosed with OCD in his throwing elbow. He is set for surgery. Has anyone had any experience with this type of injury? I am looking for any success stories for return to sport. Specifically, with this type of injury, what are the odds of him returning to baseball as a pitcher? Catcher? Position player? Any comments would be appreciated.

Here’s a thread on HS Baseball Web that might be helpful. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your son.

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OCD is a serious injury that requires serious treatment by an orthopedic surgeon. This article describes the injury, its causes, its treatment, and its prognosis:

I know two 14-year old twin brothers who have been diagnosed with OCD in the past year. One was diagnosed last April at 13, the other was diagnosed this April at 14. Their surgeon is a top orthopedic doctor trained in sports medicine who works on MLB players. The brother diagnosed last April has been out of baseball for over a year, and still recovering. The brother diagnosed this April is of course just beginning his treatment.

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Thanks for the feedback. I am hopeful that, since he is younger, that his body is still growing and that will help.It is a tough situation.

He had an arthroscopic procedure with loose body removal and micro fracture last week. His lesion ended up being about 10mm in diameter. Hoping that recovery goes well and he can return to the sport he loves.

Have they estimated recovery time?

No we have not gotten much though he did say that he should not plan on anything for the Spring or Summer. He seemed optimistic about him being ready to play Football and Basketball by Fall.

Best wishes for a healthy recovery. At 10 years old he has plenty of time.

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Hello. Our 13 year old son was just diagnosed with OCD elbow. Saw an orthopedic surgeon from Boston Children’s in September 2017. X-ray indicates rest 6 weeks PT 3 months no throwing. In January 2018 it never felt perfect but he started to throw a bit. In March 2018 back to same Dr. X-ray showed spot. MRI ordered and he was diagnosed with OCD elbow. He recommended rest 6 months then see if it’s healing. If not surgery. We dropped out of our AAU team for the season.
Went for a second opinion in April 2018 to a Mass General Hospital Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in OCD elbow. He said it won’t heal in 6 months he needs surgery Surgery is scheduled for May 1.
It’s been a few years since you posted. Can you tell me how things have gone ? Our dr said he should never pitch again once he gets a diagnosis like this or he’ll have other injuries.

My son had surgery for OSD. a 2 centimeter fragment was removed, biocartilage was mixed with stem cells taken from his hip then covered in fibrin glue and splinted. no baseball or any weight bearing activity for 6 months. Just finished six months of PT, He is starting to toss but we are taking things slowly. doctor said he will make a full recovery but he is still growing at 13 now. will wait until growth plates are sealed before putting him back on the mound. currently working on hitting only, with soft batting cage balls… Please respond with any experiences OSD recovery…