Elbow locks out causing discomfort

Whenever i’m throwing long toss, my elbow straitens and locks out right before release. It doesn’t cause immediate pain, but after a while it becomes sore and I just want to know how to prevent this. Also this doesn’t happen when i’m pitching or throwing a distance shorter than 120’.


Full extension of the elbow before release is indeed a mechanical flaw. This is confirmed by multiple research papers.

Focus on internally rotating the humerus and pronating through release of the pitch. It will help you achieve a more vertical pitching forearm, which will decrease the pressure on your elbow.

Thanks for the advice but it only happens when I try to throw high or far (with a crow hop). Also I am only 14 and I was wondering if you could say that same thing in simpler terms.

I would have a coach or teamate watch while you are long tossing to see it you are dropping down sidearm when you throw. That would explain your elbow locking some. If they say you are just focus on coming over the top like you do when you pitch.

Its actually stopped happening and i am able to throw farther than before with about half as much effort. I think that it was just my technique that was wrong. I was trying to throw the ball as hard as I could and as far as I could. As soon as I started throwing the ball using the least amount of force to get it there my elbow stopped locking out.