Elbow Injury


Anyone here been diagnosed with medial epicondylitis? I have had it for about more than 5 months now and i have an appointment for an mri to get a better picture of it but with public healthcare in Canada it wont happen till about March. I stopped doing a majority of things to prevent it from being aggravated such as throwing and weightlifting, but it is still very sore and tender. There has not been a great deal of progress even with continuous therapy and treatment ever since i was diagnosed. Anyone have any suggestions or help for me?


Yes, and I went through the whole regimen: brace, limited use, cortisone shots, therapy…and then surgery. I now have a good elbow. I’m pretty sure my was caused by years of use and cranking some really big, performance modded chainsaws for several years. The surgery went well and wasn’t nearly as bad as either of the two rotator cuff repairs I’ve had done. Sorry you live in Canada…I thought you guys had the greatest medical care.


Its pretty good healthcare for being essentially free, but the wait times are atrocious for diagnostic imaging and even surgery too. What was recovery time like for you? Also i am trying to stay away from cortisone shots because i am only 17 years old and correct me if i am wrong, but they do only relieve pain temporarily, im not sure if the cons outweigh the pros. Thanks for the help too.


I’m not sure what you mean my temporarily. They will not give immediate
relieve. The relieve usually takes a couple of days to begin. The duration
of relieve will depend on the extent of the injury. Cortisone will reduce
swelling and allow more blood flow which will speed healing. Micro-tears
and small thickness tears will heal with cortisone and rest. However, if
you have a tear of any degree, the relief is only going to be temporary,
probably a couple of weeks and until you start using it again. Also, be
aware that MRI’s often do not accurately diagnose the degree of a tear. On
my elbow for example, the MRI showed a partial tear, I believe the report
was 10-20%. The reality was that it was nearly full thickness with a huge
amount of scar tissue (worst the OS had seen according to him).

Any time you have a tendon repaired, it is 6-9m before the tendon regains
most of it’s strength at the attachment, about a year bf it is 100%.

BTW, also forgot to mention that I had PRP injections done as an attempt to
avoid surgery. The OS also did PRP with the repair.