Elbow injury troubles!

Ok, you will probably remember me. I recently started having elbow troubles (about a months ago), I was pitching during a game and felt a pinch in my elbow joint and my arm went numb. Well since then I have still been pitching and playing 3-4 games every weekend. Pitching on Saturday and playing 2-3 extra Major League games on the Sunday.
I know Im being overworked and shouldn’t be playing on Sunday, but at the same time I need more experience as I’ve only been playing for 3 years.

This has also made my arm alot worse. I would just be sitting at the computer or in class and I would get a sudden sharp pain in my elbow joint for 5-10 seconds. This happens every now and then. During games when I pitch my arm also gets fatigued faster than usual and hurts more than usual.

There are only two more games left of the season, my plan is so start (pitch) those two games then rest my arm and body for 2 months. Then start work on my pitching again trying to improve velocity etc.
If anyone has any help or advice on rehabbing my arm any input is welcome. Unfortunately I didnt get any input from Mr. Ellis last time this topic was brought up so I would really appreciate some input from a professional who has perhaps been there and done that.

Also for those of you interested, I have pretty much mastered my Change-Up. But I have somehow sacrificed my curveball.
I started using my change during a game for the first time, Id never used it in a bullpen before and it was very effective. I never learnt to pitch it before because I underestimated its effectiveness and I didnt think it was worth it. But by using that in tandem with my fastball it has been very useful. But somehow I have forgotten how to throw my curveball. I used to throw it well, but since maybe 2 months ago it just got less and less effective until it reached the point where it wasnt moving at all.
If anyone has any tips on improving this please respond.
I also still throw my screwball and have finally optimised its performance and made it a very devastating pitch.

the_great _one42

Glad to see you’re back! It appeared in your last posting that you were in pretty rough shape and since I hadn’t seen any postings by you I was wondering what had happened.

In your latest post you state that your elbow is still bothering you and has been getting worse to the point where you feel periodic pain while at the computer and/or while in class.

Based on where the conversations left off a while back, I have two questions…
Have you been to a doctor yet? If not, why not? Based on what you are again telling us, I don’t understand why (as it appears) you haven’t.

While you state that you’ve only been playing for about three years, if you don’t do something soon you won’t have to worry about playing much longer. Though rest can definitely be a good thing, I honestly don’t believe that shutting down for a couple months will take care of your problem.

It seems that I/we are more concerned about you than YOU are about yourself and I, for one, am not going to tell you how to rehab your arm when I can only guess as to what the problem might be. I sure as he!! am not going to tell you what to do referent to throwing a breaking ball when you’re telling me/us that your elbow is killing you (and getting worse!).

You are obviously serious about playing baseball and even more serious about pitching. What I’d like you to do is send a pm to coach 45 explaining what has been your problem and ask him to send you some video of a different set of mechanics that may prove helpful to you. While it is no doubt going to take some time to properly rehab your arm, it is something you HAVE to do! Paraphrasing an old line from a TV commercial…“An arm is a terrible thing to waste!”…and, to me, (sorry to have to put it this way) that’s exactly what you’re doing.

No I havent seen a doctor because I already know what they are going to say, they will tell me to shut down and most likely go and see a very expensive physiotherapist.
I refuse to shut down until this season is over because I want to help my team as much as possible.
I dont want to stop doing the only thing in life I love doing.

Would you rather stop pitching now and miss the rest of the season or finish the season and have it be your last?

nd943 hit the nail on the head! Since he’s about the same age as you are (and probably loves to/wants to pitch the same as you do) heed his warning. I don’t know what it’s going to take to convince you, but (in a “tough love” fashion) I’m giving it ONE LAST TRY.

Let me put you in this hypothetical situation and ask you this “loaded” rhetorical question…

You’re aware that a fellow pitcher on your team is experiencing the EXACT same problems you’re having. He tells you that his elbow is killing him and getting worse. He’s planning on pitching the final games of the season (so he doesn’t let his teammates down), but asks you what YOU think he should do. Would you tell him to finish the season and (as nd943 said) risk never pitching again or would you (knowing “pitching is his life”) tell him to stop throwing immediately and seek medical help?

If you tell him to pitch the final games you’re NUTS! You’re NOT stupid. You KNOW what should be done.

If this situation was reversed and a teammate knew what YOU were/are risking, do you HONESTLY believe he’d tell you to keep pitching? NO teammate would EVER tell you to keep throwing “to help the team as much as possible” at the risk of you NEVER being able to take the mound again…and if you keep throwing that is EXACTLY what you are risking!!!

Since you haven’t been to a doctor, you DON’T know what’s wrong. You’re only guessing. You DON’T know what he/she will tell you (though it will most likely be to shut down). While I realize you’re worried about the cost, let me put it this way.


I don’t care (and you shouldn’t either) how much it costs. If surgery is necessary, then get it done. I know you don’t want to look at it this way, but the money is NOT the issue, YOUR ARM IS!!! Worry about taking care of your arm first and the money it may cost second.

Since your first post you’ve been told by nd943, Chris O’Leary, jdfromfla, and me to seek medical advice, but for whatever foolish reason(s) you’ve chosen not to do it. How many more people do you need to “hear” from?

At this point I’m getting a little angry AT you and frustrated WITH you. At age 63, my pitching days (other than throwing batting practice) are long gone. Having spent 20+ years “toeing the rubber” you have no idea how much I miss it and what I’d give to be able to get out there again. Your pitching career will come to an end soon enough - why would you want to GUARANTEE its ending prematurely? To put your arm at that risk isn’t just stupid, it’s IDIOTIC!!!

Not that I haven’t already tried to be blunt with you, and knowing that your elbow is now sending 5-10 second “messages” to your brain even when you AREN’T pitching (Boy, that sharp pain must really feel good, huh?!) I guess in a FINAL desperate attempt (knowing that you probably still aren’t listening) I should put this in the “brutally honest” style of chinmusic…


Though I’ll continue to read your posts, until you’ve seen a doctor I won’t post a reply…and if you knew how much pitching is MY life, you’d know how much it PAINS ME to tell you that…

Ditto to skweezplay!

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I’m not sure I understand your post.

Are you saying you are in general agreement with my comments to him or are you saying you’ll read, but not offer a comment to any of my posts (meaning you’re opposed to what I’ve “said” to him)?

(If you don’t answer this post, I’ll obviously get your intended meaning.)

The other gentlemen are correct. If you continue to throw and pitch you are very likely to forever end your chances of playing. Do your parents know of the seriousness of your problem? Don’t conceal things like this from parents and/or coaches. Better yet, use your head and STOP NOW.

Though I am not a doctor, if your arm went numb you are likely starting to do nerve damage. If the numbness is from the elbow down you possibly are damaging the ulnar nerve. Because the ulnar nerve and Ulnar Collateral Ligament are in close proximity, IF the problem is located here, your UCL is seriously at risk. That means you are setting yourself up for Tommy John surgery.

When you say you have ‘forgotten’ how to throw the curveball this underscores what is happening to nerves in the arm. If you continue to pitch and throw, for even a bit, you also risk permanent nerve damage. And for what, some misplaced sense of glory?

Please don’t do this to yourself. I’ve seen many young players who have done serious damage to arms and shoulders. If you think a therapist is expensive wait until you see the bill from an orthopedic surgeon. By that time it will be too late for you to continue developing and playing because you will have done permanent damage.

If you are interested I can send you some clips of another pitching mechanic that prevents arm injuries. My son, who was drafted in 2003, is currently training with the man who devised these mechanics (this gentleman won the Cy Young in 1974) and I have trained a high school pitcher using these mechanics. They both throw pitches that move like nothing you have ever imagined, and throw with maximum intensity every single day. How good can you be if you could throw a bullpen every day?


What’s the point of gaining that experience if your arm won’t hold up long enough to put it to use?

Pain at rest is a VERY bad sign.


You could have bone chips in your elbow or one of the nerves in your arm could be getting intermittently compressed. It might also be the case that your UCL is about to completely tear (which would loosen up your elbow joint and could cause one of your nerves to be pinched).

2 months, and a little rehab, probably isn’t enough to fix your problems. You may have reached the point where the only solution is surgery.

I pitched 5 innings, gave up two runs, 4 hits, 3 Strikeouts, 4 Walks and my arm isnt sore!
It actually feels good. I came off and I felt like I could throw another 3 innings at least! Im not sure why it didnt hurt, but in the first inning it did a little bit, (thats when I gave up 2 runs), so the next inning I changed my stance a little and stood tall instead of crunching down which I felt like I was doing the inning before.
and it worked! no pain! more control! and maybe even more velocity!
I got my curveball working again as well as boosting my screwball a lil, and my fastball was tailing out on righties. And wow, they could NOT hit my changeup at all! It was so awesome because I never used to use that pitch and only started using it in the last 3 weeks or so.

anywayz…just letting you guys know…id really like to hear from Steve Ellis…

I’ve discovered whats wrong with your arm…
You’ve got what we called in my days in the U.S. Navy “cranial rectumitis”, let us all hope it is not terminal.
You are an obsitnate lad. Taken a load of what I would call the best grouping of advice on this and your other post and chunked it all for the now. Well you have one or two other symptoms that will show up, one will be a bitter taste in your mouth when as an older man you see others pitching at higher levels and you will only be able to WATCH and the other will be a huge amount of regret that will burden your mind when as a more mature person you will realize that you have thrown away something you love to do.
I am sure that I speak for the majority of those who have attempted to help you, we (Not one of us), would never want a kid to harm themselves, which is why you have seen the impassioned reply’s to your continued ignorance. Do you think our telling you to get medical attention does any of us one whit of good? Nope only you.
You are the only one that can change this and I agree with skweeze that your postings should be boycotted until you either change or go away.
Good luck with the cranium removal…We are all pulling for you…sorry for the pun.

Hey Great One,

I completely understand your love of the game. If you want to continue to pitch and improve, then be smart and go see an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulders and elbows and has an in-house rehab center. Numbness from the elbow to the finger tips is evidence of ulnar collareal nerve compression. This may just be inflamation, only a qualified orthopedist can make that determination. The good news is that you will know for sure what is going on with your elbow and get valuable advise and strengthing excercises. They will get you on a throwing program again ASAP as soon as you can do it pain free.

How do I know this? I’m a pitcher who put a partial tear (approx 20%) in my ulnar colateral ligament, tore the pronator muscle group in my forearm off the point of attachment at the elbow and two years ago under went shoulder surgery to remove acromial bone spurs and clean up a frayed labrum. My partial UCL tear did NOT require surgery. Today I throw pain free and pitch effectively with greater control and velocity than before. All thanks to a great surgeon and his rehab staff at Steadman Hawkins in Denver Colorado. Pitcing through muscle soreness is just part of the game. Pitching through pain caused by an injury is the fastest way to end your love of the game. Then what will you do?

Good luck and do the right thing!

Theres going to be a radar gun at my next game, so seeing as though its our last game and we can’t make the finals im just gonna throw as hard as I possibly can and see what comes up on the gun. I usually conserve myself to last longer and dont throw as hard as I should.
Ill let you know the results.

I got my speed results back…
not great, 71-72mph…im gonna build on that in the offseason though.
I’ve also been working on my arm mechanics in the last couple of weeks and its worked out great so far. ALOT less pain in my elbow now.
and I’ve also found exactly where it hurts. If you feel on the outside of your arm but closest to your body there are two bones, your elbow JOINT and another bone closer to your body. Most of my pain comes from in between those two bones…can anyone give me any information about this?

[quote=“the_great_one42”]I got my speed results back…
not great, 71-72mph…im gonna build on that in the offseason though.
I’ve also been working on my arm mechanics in the last couple of weeks and its worked out great so far. ALOT less pain in my elbow now.
and I’ve also found exactly where it hurts. If you feel on the outside of your arm but closest to your body there are two bones, your elbow JOINT and another bone closer to your body. Most of my pain comes from in between those two bones…can anyone give me any information about this?[/quote]

It sounds as if you are describing the Medial Epicondyle of the Humerus bone (your upper arm bone), but without a better description and/or examination of the location it’s tough to tell. Given that you wrote earlier about numbness and, given the location of the Unlar nerve in relation to the Medical Epicondyle, it sounds as if you are doing damage to a growth plate. If you can tell me how old you are your age would provide some possible clues. My guess is that you are less than 16 years old.

I’m not a doctor nor a licensed medical practitioner, but I’ve done a great deal of investigation on this topic. The best thing for you to do is to consult with an orthopedic specialist and have your elbow x-rayed. In the meantime quit throwing…chances of doing permanent damage are very high.


Thanks for the info.
Im 17 actually. Which is why im not happy with my speed.
And dont worry, the season is over, no more throwing for a month.